Short-Stay Evaluation

Assess, Diagnose and Treat

ShortStayEvalThe short stay evaluation is a more in-depth assessment involving a 21-day stay at Copper Ridge or Bayleigh Chase’s award-winning community, where participants enjoy an engaging, secure and supportive environment. The program was designed to help individuals with Alzheimer’s or related dementias who are challenged or may be struggling in their current environment. Using the most recent advancements in the treatment of memory disorders, a multidisciplinary team lead by our geriatric psychiatrist assesses individuals over a three week period. This team discusses the diagnosis and recommended treatment with families and caregivers so they can best assist their loved ones. In addition to supporting residents and the greater community, the Copper Ridge and Bayleigh Chase team often conducts evaluations for those who are currently living in an assisted living or other senior living community.


The short stay evaluation provides a next step to a new or existing diagnosis to ensure greater clarification, support the caregiver and help every individual live life to their fullest potential.


For more information about our Short Stay Evaluation, visit our Copper Ridge or Bayleigh Chase community sites.

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