More Than a Logo

We are graced…


Integrace-Logo-We believe our name Integrace reflects our heritage as well as our energy and ability to create opportunities for meaningful living. It is a unique, contemporary reflection of a bold, new vision for our future. The name positively positions us as a leader in creating engaging communities and innovative services, expanding perceptions of what is possible. Most importantly, our new name reflects our culture of grace and goodwill. We integrate grace into everything we do!

The symbolism behind the new name and logo also aligns with our vision:

“To ignite in all people the passion for meaningful living.”


The logo’s swirling green represents the beautiful land gifted to the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland (heritage) that led to the creation of a new kind of community for older adults. It is also a symbol of a vibrant community and the passion, energy, innovation and enthusiasm of our colleagues.


We integrate grace into everything we do.


The color purple recalls our Episcopal heritage as a symbol of the role of the Bishop. In addition, purple reflects our commitment to excellence in dementia care as the universal color of the Alzheimer’s movement.


The color green evokes sustainability, recalling the natural surroundings of our properties, and signals the future organic growth of the organization.

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