“Change is the essence of life; be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

In the spirit of gratitude and partnership with our residents, families and colleagues, we are delighted to share with you the announcement of a new name for our organization, EMA. We believe our name should reflect our heritage as well as our energy and ability to create opportunities for meaningful living.

Our new name: Integrace, is a unique, contemporary reflection of a bold new vision for our future. We will continue to be a leader in creating engaging communities and innovative services, expanding perceptions of what is possible.

Most importantly, our new name reflects our culture of grace and goodwill. We integrate grace into everything we do!

We are an organization graced by the talents, passion, and commitment of our people and together, we are creating community.
To ignite in all people the passion for meaningful living.

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You’ve built a life full of extraordinary moments with the ones you love. Your retirement should be no different. At Integrace communities live life on your terms. That means using your time and resources to pursue what you love, with the people you most enjoy. Our communities offer a lifestyle of flexibility and choice that provides you new opportunities. Experience your independence and enrich your life. Come find the property that is best suited to you.

Bayleigh Chase
Retirement Community


Learn more about Bayleigh Chase.

Bayleigh Chase is the new name for William Hill Manor.
Read more about the name change.

Copper Ridge
A Dementia Care Community

Copper Ridge

Learn more about Copper Ridge.

Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge
Improving lives through research and education.
Learn more about the
Integrace Institute at Copper Ridge

Retirement Community

* Please note that our community websites will be in a transition phase over the next few months as we become fully immersed into Integrace.

Working with Us

At Integrace, we believe that each person is a gift, and graces us with their unique talents, passion, and calling. And we believe that we exist as an organization to create community, where relationships can grow and deepen, and where meaningful life and work is possible for everyone. In short, we believe that when people are connected to each other in relationships, given access to what feeds their soul, and have the opportunity to contribute to a purpose larger than their own, meaningful life and work happens.

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